Production by PC of A Pali Tipitaka Word-Concordance
by YO/YN in Collaboration with PTS - Word index to the Saddharmapundarika -

Digitizing Myanmar Manuscripts in Collaboration with PTS

Please refer to HP of PTS about Project to Digitize Myanmar Manuscripts
( Column: Pali Studies-Digitizing Myanmar Manuscripts)

Digitizing Myanmar Manuscripts ( Feb. 2013 - )
(Digital Book Production in PDF for Myanmar Manuscript (in English)) (21.01.2019))
Production by PC of A Pali Tipitaka Word-Index ( 05.11.2018, 08.01.2019 -- Completed on 22.04.2019)
(Personal Computer Analysis Tools of Middle Indo-Aryan, (Apr. 1990 - ) (NEW!! 31.12.2018 & 03.01.2019))

(YO: Yumi OUSAKA, Emeritus Prof of SNCT (Sendai National College of Technology (Hirose), Japan));
(YN: Yasutomo NISHI, Associate Director of CARI (Chuo Acadmic Research Institute of Rissho Kosei-kai, (Tokyo), Japan))
(PTS: The Pali Text Society, United Kingdom)
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