What is Chuo Academic Research Institute (CARI)?

Chuo Academic Research Institute (CARI) is a research organization that studies religions, particularly Buddhism, in relation to a wide variety of domains including philosophy, culture, and science, with an aim to develop promising talents, and contribute to the enrichment of human culture and the fulfillment of world peace. In cooperation with academic experts in the fields of politics, economics, society, and culture, we engage in different research activities while setting a direction in basic research and study of contemporary issues.


  1. We study different issues of modern society based on religious insights to offer guidance for solving problems, in our commitment to improve human welfare and promote world peace.
  2. We play a unique role as a religious, interdisciplinary, and international research institute, in cooperation with international academic experts and research organizations.
  3. We contribute to the improvement of religious and academic cultures, and the development of promising talents.

Institute Members & Researchers

Director: Masashi Hashimoto
Special Advisors, Guest Research Fellows, Researchers, Institute Staff, Contract Researchers


  • Zen Chishiki Conference (annual)
  • Participation in the Forum of Research Institutes Associated with Religious Organizations (annual, and section meetings)
  • Participation in Religions and Scholarly Eco-Initiative (annual)


  • "Philosophica Mahāyāna Buddhica Monograph Series" (not periodical)
  • "A Study of the Biography of Sakya-muni Based on the Erly Buddhist Scriptural Sources" (not periodical)
  • 『アーユスの森新書』 ("Forest of Ayus" Paperback Series, Japanese edition only)
  • "CANDANA" (newsletter, quarterly)


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