• Research Fields

Research Fields

  • Research of Lay Buddhism
  • A study of the biography of Sakya-muni based on the early Buddhist scriptural sources (URL: http://www.sakya-muni.jp/english/
  • Research of missionaries
    • Basic research of bylaws and constitutions of religious organizations
    • Research of missionary works
    • Colloquium of the Lotus Sutra
  • Research of social policies viewed from the perspective of the Lotus Sutra
    • Environmental problems (Religions and Scholarly Eco-Initiative)
    • Problems of declining birth rate and aging population
    • Bioethics
    • Issues of peace
    • Social Ethics
    • Interreligious cooperation & Interfaith dialogue
  • Studying the founder
  • Study of the Kosei doctrine
  • Study of Rissho Kosei-Kai history


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